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    Thread Wallets

    Christmas Festivities

    Christmas Festivities

    Whether you're thinking "finally" or "where has the time gone," it's the most wonderful time of the year. With it now being December, the holiday season has come upon us once more! If you're looking for some jolly tunes to listen to while you're baking Christmas cookies, serving others, wrapping presents, or cozying up by the fire with a good book and loved ones, our Christmas playlist is perfect for you. Take a listen to these songs, and let us know some of your festive favorites.


    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year // Andy Williams
    The Christmas Song // Nat King Cole
    Here Comes Santa Claus // Elvis Presley
    Sliver Bells // Bing Crosby
    Rocking’ Around the Christmas Tree // Brenda Lee
    Jingle Bell Rock // Bobby Helms
    The Christmas Waltz // She & Him
    It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas // Johnny Mathis
    Winter Wonderland // Louis Armstrong
    Little Saint Nick // The Beach Boys
    The First Noel // Josh Groan
    Pennies from Heaven // Louis Prima
    Tiny Tree Christmas // Ryan Miller
    All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
    Holly Jolly Christmas // Michael Buble
    Let It Snow! // Frank Sinatra


    The Kalpana Collection

    The Kalpana Collection

    We've recently teamed up with some of our favorite people, The Bucket List Family to bring you, The Kalpana Collection and we are so excited to finally share it with you!

    In 2016, our friends Jess and Garrett took their two young kids, Dorothy and Manila to Nepal where they volunteered with Effect.org to build a school in order to help aid in the fight against child trafficking. Together with their dedicated followers, they raised over $50K to build a school of their own which they named Kalpana after the Hindi word for "imagine".

    Garret and Jess were so inspired during this trip that they soon launched their Adventure Bands (headbands inspired by the prayer flags of Nepal).  These five, limited edition wallets, in turn, match The Bucket List Family's adventure bands and are meant to encourage, travel, service, and a spirit of adventure to everyone who purchases one. 100% of the profit made from the sales of these wallets will go directly to The Bucket List Family's Safe in School campaign with Effect.org.

    This collection launch is in line with Effect.org's US screening of the documentary, Stolen Innocence which you can buy tickets for, here

    To hear more about The Bucket List Family's experience in Nepal, watch the video below:

    Photo Credit, Abigail Keenan

    Stranger Things Playlist

    Stranger Things Playlist

    If you're anything like us, you may have finished binging Stranger Things within the last couple of months. Need something to hold you over through your withdrawals? We've got just the thing. We've created a playlist full of music that sounds like it could've been pulled right out of the series (and generation — with a little modern twist). Give this playlist a listen, and let us know in the comments of any other songs we should add! P.S. We had to start out the playlist with the tune we all recognize:


    Stranger Things // Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
    Creature Comfort // Arcade Fire
    I Belong in Your Arms // Chairlift
    Personal Best - Keith Sweaty Remix // Small Black, Keith Sweaty
    Oblivion // Grimes
    Five Seconds // Twin Shadow
    Myth // Beach House
    Losing You // Solange
    Chinatown // Wild Nothing
    The House That Heaven Built // Japandroids
    Kill For Love // Chromatics
    Fineshrine // Purity Ring
    Yet Again // Grizzly Bear
    Terraform // Novo Amor, Ed Tullett
    Going Nowhere // The Brocks
    Wanderer Wandering // Slow Club
    Genesis // Grimes
    A Moment Apart // ODESZA

    Night of Giving Spotlight Interview: Tow'rs

    Night of Giving Spotlight Interview: Tow'rs

    Tonight is the night. We are looking forward to jamming the night away with you as we listen to good music for a good cause. Tow'rs, the final band, took some time out of their travels to answer some of our questions.


    How did you get started with music?

    Gretta answers “Music was a part of both our experiences growing up. I always loved doing piano, guitar, choir or whatever I could get my hands on. Kyle and I started playing music together in college and it just grew from there. We started dating and getting opportunities to play local shows, campus events, and youth camps! Tow’rs was born from our love for music, our love for each other, and the urge to share what we were creating with the community around us.


    How long have you been making music?

    Tow’rs started in 2012. We have been writing and recording for about 4 years and we have been touring the last 2 years.

    How would you describe your music? What genre would you give yourself?

    The genre seems to be a constantly evolving thing and honestly and can differ from song to song. A friend called our music “indie relationship rock” this summer and I felt like he nailed it, haha!

    How long does it take you to write a song?

    There hasn’t been much consistency in how long it takes. Sometimes it's a year sometimes it's a half hour. We try not to put too much pressure on finishing them in a certain amount of time. 

    Tell about one of your most recent songs. Can you fill us in on the context of a favorite?

    We're really proud of our new record as a whole, but one of our favs is ‘Alight’. There are these moments in song writing when you feel like something is giving you the words. Like a gift from a ghost in your room. Gretta and I were working through some mental things I had going on early in the year and the words to the chorus came through that conversation. I love poetry that just says what it needs to say. Not to say I don't love being a little cryptic sometimes but the longer I write the more I want to just find the language that pins down our humanness and then share it. That song I felt like we did that.

    What’s your motivation?

    We feel like we are most alive when we write songs. It feels like If we didn't do it we'd explode.

    Who of other musicians do you look up to the most?

    We love many different artists for different reasons. Sam Beam from iron and wine, Zach Winters & The National are just a few. We've really looked for people who are doing what we're doing but are also parents and husbands and wives and good friends. It's cool to be an excellent songwriter, but not at the cost of family and loved ones. Most of the musicians we look up to are good at the other stuff besides 

    Best memory?

    It's hard to say one is the best over another but one of our favs was in Chicago last summer. We were playing a festival and staying with friends outside the city. We pulled up to their house at dusk and got out and started stretching. We started seeing these flashes of light in the air all around us. We're all from AZ so It was the first time any of us had seen fireflies. We were all running around like kids chasing them whooping and hollering. 

    Where are you from?
    We are from Flagstaff, Arizona

    Music isn’t easy by any means. What keeps you moving?
    Similar answer to what motivates us. We feel really alive in making music. We feel lucky and blessed to be doing what we're doing as well. Part of what makes us feel alive in that is the gratitude of what we're doing. We hold it loosely like it's not even ours. That keeps us waking up excited.



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