Joshua Tree Trip: Summer '22

Posted 2022 Jun by Tenley Childs / #lifestyle / #travel

Arriving in Joshua Tree felt like entering a time warp. The warm desert sun has sun bleached everything to the point where it feels like everything you’re looking at was shot on film. 

Thread Team at Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Our team spent 5 days exploring and taking pictures for the Summer ‘22 collection. They filled their crossbody bags and tote bags with film cameras and snacks as they got lost in the beautiful desert scenery. They were joined by artist Jake Reedy and musician Tommy Hunter.

Joshua Tree

The team discovered that things just resonated differently in the desert. Music felt different and seemed to encompass them in a way they hadn’t felt before. They highly recommend listening to Future Games by Fleetwood Mac and Baby Driver by Simon & Garfunkel if you’re ever driving around Joshua Tree. You’ll feel things you’ve never felt before. 

Joshua Tree

Their adventures led them to find many hidden gems in the slow-paced desert. Off of 29 Palms Highway, there’s a little town full of eclectic shops and a restaurant called Crossroads Cafe. There, they ate the most delicious macaroni and cheese they had have ever had in their entire lives. They went to Crossroads Cafe everyday because it was so good. The shops were filled with tons of fun and odd trinkets. 

Joshua Tree

The team also explored skull rock which was super rad and a super fun place to take pictures. They also highly recommend checking out the cactus garden at Joshua Tree National Park. Overall, the trip was a one of a kind and the team will for sure be heading back soon. 

Skull Rock

Joshua Tree Cactus Garden

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