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    (effective as of 10/10/2016) 
    We stand by our wallets. Each one is made using durable materials and checked for quality before shipping. Wallets hold some of your most valuable items, therefore you should buy a wallet that you can rely on. For that reason we have put a one year warranty on all of our wallets (details below).  We have had customers who have been using their Elastic Thread Wallet for over two years. Our wallets are meant to last but we understand that accidents happen.
    Your wallet was made to last! However, if your wallet becomes defective within one year of your purchase, you qualify for a replacement.*
    Our one-year warranty covers:
    - A rip or hole in the seam or elastic
    - Faulty key-ring attachment on Elastic Cardholders or faulty D-ring attachment on Leather and canvas wallets. (i.e. loose sewing)
    Our one-year warranty does not cover:
    - Any damage caused to the key-ring attachment from normal wear and tear (paint chipping, etc) or water damage. If you use your key-ring or d-ring to attach to your lanyard or keys, normal wear and tear will occur.
    - Water damage to leather.
    - Stretched out elastic due to over-stuffed wallet or normal wear and tear.
    In order to claim your replacement wallet here are the steps you need to take:
    1. Email contact@threadwallets.com stating your claim on the warranty and state your need for a replacement wallet. 
    2. A representative will respond and advise you to send your defective wallet to the Thread Wallets Headquarters: 3937 Edgewood Dr. Provo, UT 84604.
    *When returning a wallet, please include the tracking number.*
    3. Once we receive the wallet and examine it for a approval, a representative will respond with our decision.
    • If you qualify: You will need to respond in an email with the new design of wallet you want and a shipping address you want it sent to, and it will be shipped out. 
    • If you don't qualify: You can choose whether to have your wallet sent back to you or have us discard it.

    Thank you for your patience. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with both our products and customer service. We appreciate your business!

    To ensure your wallets remain in good shape:
    -Do not over pack your wallet. The recommended card amount in our elastic card holders is anywhere from 2-10 cards. The recommended amount of cards for Leather and Canvas wallets is around 2-5 cards.
    -Use the outside elastic pocket(s) to hold your most frequently used card / cash. Do not over stuff.
    -Do not weigh-down the key-ring or d-ring attachment with unnecessary keys and weight. Thread Wallets are designed to hold just the necessities, not every card and key you have ever owned. 1-2 keys + gym pass is ideal.
    - Be Gentle. Our wallets are designed to go wherever you do however, treat them with kindness! They are protecting your valuables.
    *Wallets that were included in an order for promotional reasons or were awarded as an item in a giveaway can not be replaced. Often these wallets are released in limited quantities and when the designs is gone, we can not offer a replacement.


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