One Year Warranty

We stand by our products. Each one is made using durable materials and checked for quality before shipping. Our products hold some of your most valuable items, therefore you should buy one that you can rely on. For that reason, we have put a one-year warranty on all orders (details below).  We have had customers who have been using their Thread Wallet products for many years without issue but we understand that accidents happen! 


Thread Wallet products are made to last! However, if your item becomes defective within one year of your purchase, you qualify for a replacement.  Please keep in mind that products that have been stretched out due to over-stuffing, water damage, normal day to day wear and tear, etc. will not qualify for a replacement.

To ensure your products remain in good shape: 

  1. Do not overpack your product. For recommendations on how many cards to keep in each of our individual products, please view the details section on their product pages. Additionally, if you are keeping cash in one of our elastic pockets, we recommend keeping only 1-2 folded bills, not a large wad of cash as this will stretch the elastic over time! 
  2. Use the outside elastic pockets to hold your most frequently used card and cash for easy access. 
  3. Do not weigh down the keyring or D-Ring attachments with unnecessary keys and weight. Thread Wallets are designed to hold just the necessities, not every card and key you have ever owned. 1-2 keys and a gym pass is ideal! 
  4. Be Gentle. Our wallets are designed to go wherever you do, however, treat them with kindness! They are protecting your valuables.

If you feel you would qualify for a replacement please contact us and we’ll happily verify the warranty for you! To request a replacement of any defective items, please fill out the link here.

Otherwise, send an email directly to with the following information to our customer service team will verify your warranty: 

  • Full Name
  • Order Number
  • Picture of the defective item
  • Name of the item you would like as a replacement
  • Your current shipping address

Our customer service team will contact you on the next business day to review your warranty claim so we appreciate your patience!    

*Wallets that were included in an order for promotional reasons or were awarded as an item in a giveaway cannot be replaced. Often these wallets are released in limited quantities and when the designs are gone, we can not offer a replacement.

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