5 Tips for Staying Organized

5 Tips for Staying Organized

Posted 2022 Jan
T Tenley Childs

Every day we carry our most important things with us out the door. We all know how frustrated it can be when those things aren’t organized. Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your daily carry items organized!


1. Empty Out Your Bag

Emptying out your bag completely at least once a week is a great way to keep it organized. Dump it out on your desk, throw away any garbage, and take out anything that you don’t need with you every day. Try and keep your bag filled with only the essentials

Elastic Wallet

2. Slim Down Your Wallet

We are obviously lovers of a slim, minimalist wallet. One of the easiest ways you can slim down a bulky wallet is by using one of our Elastic Wallets. You can also slim down by taking out any gift cards that have already been used, punch cards from that sandwich place you’ve only been to one, and old receipts. We also like to stick any of our small bills and change in a mason jar to save for a rainy day.


3. Keep it Together

One way to keep your stuff organized and not floating around in your bag or pocket is to clip it all together! We recommend using one of our wrist lanyards to clip together your wallet, keys, and lip balm (conveniently held in one of our lip balm holders)

4. A Bag within a Bag

Throwing some of your smaller items like bobby pins, hair ties, bandaids, and gum into a small pouch can help a ton to keep things tidy. The key to organization is to try to avoid having loose items as much as you can

5. Keep it Simple

When you’re loading up your bag or wallet, take the time to ask yourself if you really need the things you’re putting into it. The easiest way to stay organized is to limit how much stuff you have! Going digital with anything you can helps with this. 

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