Behind the Collection: Fall 2022

Behind the Collection: Fall 2022

Posted 2022 Oct
L Lauren Turley

When we saw the first samples of our fall collection, we instantly knew we wanted to go somewhere and shoot the product that fit the cozy vibes that all of the designs had. We knew we wanted to go somewhere where we could find some surf, but also get some chilly weather. We settled on Santa Cruz and Big Sur, called Threadhead Jeremy Carter to see if he wanted to join, and booked our tickets. 

Over the years, we've come up with a pretty solid plan for every shoot we head out on. Some of the non negotiables for these trips include but are not limited to: 

- A solid photo and video shot list (for organization)

- Wonderful models and creatives (for good team morale) 

- Downloaded playlists (for when you don't have good service)

-  Bagels and coffee (for energy)

- A Thread tote (for convenience) 

- Extra time to check out the local thrift shops (for happiness)

Every morning, bagels and coffee were the first priority, and we hit Firefly Coffee House for incredible bagel sandwiches and the best coffee. If you go, trust us and get the Kitchen Sink bagel sandwich. We're still dreaming about it. 

Our first day of the shoot, we headed out to Four Mile to try and catch some early morning waves. After Jeremy hung out in the water for a while and caught a few baby waves, we headed over to Steamer Lane to see if we could catch anything bigger. The crowds weren't too bad and Jeremy was able to catch a few solid ones. After lunch, we headed to Ano Nuevo State Park after hearing about the incredible views. They lived up to all expectations. Tons of wildlife, beautiful cliffs, and awesome weather. We didn't get to stay long because we had to get Jeremy to the airport, but our time there was well spent. 

Our second day of the shoot, we got up early and took off to Big Sur. That drive is long and winding with sketchy service, so this is where those downloaded playlists really come in handy. We listened to lots of 80's new wave and took in the views. We stopped at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Big Sur Lodge to get some photos of some of our bags and get some skateboarding in. After getting all of the shots that we needed, dinner was a welcome reprieve. We ate at Tramonti in Santa Cruz and had a great time. Would highly recommend the spaghetti vongole and the noci pizza. We used our extra time to check out the local Goodwill and scored a sweet pair of cowboy boots and a Monty Python movie script book.

We loved shooting one of our favorite collections yet and hope you'll enjoy seeing all of the content we got throughout the season! 



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