Behind the Scenes: Mini Backpack Photoshoot

Posted 2022 Jul by Tenley Childs / #product / #travel

The Mini Backpack monthly drop is one we’ve been anxiously waiting to show you for a long time and it’s finally here! We wanted to do something unique and fun for this drop’s photoshoot, so our photographer headed to San Clemente with model Hannah Allen.

Mini Backpack

They visited the pier at dusk and explored some awesome shops while strolling the busy streets filled with people hanging out with friends.

Converse Pic

The beach was lit up by bonfires set up all the way down the water’s edge. As they watched the sun go down over the water, they got major La La Land vibes from lighting. 

Mini Backpack

Throughout the whole night, the mini backpack was the perfect companion. Whether you are strolling along the pier at night, sitting around a bonfire with friends, or embarking on a life changing adventure, the mini backpack will be there to help you carry the moment. 

Mini Backpack

You can shop the monthly drop here! Don’t worry if you miss out on the drop, the mini backpack won’t be gone for long ;)

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