San Francisco Trip: Spring '22

San Francisco Trip: Spring '22

Posted 2022 Feb
T Tenley Childs

Have you ever wondered how we end up with all our awesome pictures for each new collection?  At the end of January, we flew out to San Francisco to shoot content for our Spring ‘22 collection. The team included our creative director Brandon, photographer Lauren, and graphic designer Emmeline. Keep reading to hear about all the ups and downs of the trip!

Lo and Emmeline


Our team spent the first day location scouting around San Francisco. We were really inspired by the colorful pastels of the Spring collection and wanted to find locations that would compliment the designs. We drew inspiration from Wes Anderson films and 70’s film vibes. 

Baker Beach

After finding some cool potential locations, we stopped for a snack at Dumpling Time and had the most delicious dumplings we have ever tasted. We recommend trying the seafood dumpling! To finish up the day, we walked down Baker Beach at sunset.


Day two was our day to get lots of product shots! We woke up and headed to Golden Gate Park. After getting some awesome shots, we walked back to our car to find the back windows broken.

Smashed WindowLuckily, nothing was stolen! So we picked up our models, Carson and Ame, with some extra AC in the car. We ordered some pizza to finish the night and prep for our shoot day the next day.

Carson and Ame


Shoot day! We started off the day with a delicious breakfast from Eats and went back to Golden Gate Park. We couldn’t find anywhere else to park except for the street where our car got broken into the day before so, you guessed it, our car was broken into again. Despite getting some stuff stolen, everyone stayed upbeat and we moved on to the next location.

Painted Ladies

Our next location was a park overlooking the painted ladies, the famous houses from the Full House intro. After that, our last location was Pier 27.

After a long day of shooting content, we were all starving. We grabbed dinner at Underdogs Tres where we had the most delicious meal and coolest water of our lives. Whatever you get there, make sure you get it “Nick’s Style.”

Pier 27

Even after some of the craziness of the trip, the people in San Francisco were so nice that it compensated for our car getting broken into twice. We had so much fun on this trip, especially because the Spring collection is so amazing to work with!

You can shop the spring collection here!

The Team

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