Spring / Summer 2018 Collection Launch

Spring / Summer 2018 Collection Launch

Posted 2018 Mar
L Lily Bridgewater



If you’re coming late to the party, we’ll catch you up. Our Spring Summer line is out and it’s our favorite collection yet. The designs range from bright and loud to edgy and cool. You can tell our designers had a lot of fun. Where did the inspiration come from? Come in close, we’ll share the secret…


It was YOU.


Colby, one of our founders/owners/designers shared some insight on the collection. “We started by creating three different color palettes that are inspired by our demographics and then we went from there”. 

Our new line is for the creatives, for the outdoors lovers and for those who know that shredding is life. So if you haven’t already, go check out the new collection and pick out something that matches your vibe.


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