Our Christmas Movie Picks

Our Christmas Movie Picks

Posted 2018 Dec
L Lauren Turley

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!! And to get in the spirit, we've been binge watching all of our favorite Christmas movies. Here are some of our employee favorites! 

A Christmas Story

The classic of classics. You can just hear Ralphie's little brother screaming "RALPHIEEEEE" while he rolls in the snow. If you haven't seen it, honestly where have you been?



I feel like everyone has seen this movie because it's quotable any time of year and always good no matter how many times you watch it. Easily one of the best. 


Home Alone

Admit it, when you watched this movie when you were a kid you thought Kevin McAllister was the absolute BOSS of all eight-year-olds. You wanted to be him. And guess what? You still do when you watch it as an adult. 


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Nothing will warm your heart more than seeing that little mini tree. Nothing. 



Half of the world thinks it's a Christmas movie, the other half doesn't. Honestly putting this one on here to be controversial.


Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

Had to throw this one on here, and it needs no explanation. The Grinch is an iconic story of redemption, and we love a good comeback story. This one, the original from 1966, or the remake that just came out are all great picks. 


It's a Wonderful Life

While not always a family favorite because of the heavy storyline, it's one of the best Christmas messages of all time. A must watch.


White Christmas

Another great oldie, this movie is perfect if you're a big fan of Bing Crosby's Christmas album. You'll end the movie wanting to take a holiday trip to Vermont, I promise. 


Christmas Vacation

We saved our favorite for last. Nothing beats the wild and inappropriate antics of the Griswold's at Christmas. If you need us, we'll be waiting for our Jelly of the Month membership to come in the mail. 

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