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    Thread Head Spotlight: Colton Tisch

    Thread Head Spotlight: Colton Tisch

    Lauren Turley

    This week's Thread Head interview was with content creator Colton Tisch. His work is SO good, and we love that he makes getting outside and doing cool things a priority. Read on to find out how cool Colton is! 

    "I'm a 25-year-old grom that takes very little seriously, except my job (content creation and social media strategy). I have as much fun as I possibly can with the time I'm lucky to have available, all whilst being as much of a positive figure as I can be. I'm a full-time content developer and social media strategist, a high school surf coach, and run my own media company. I also surf sometimes.

    I'm from a small town called Valley Center (middle of nowhere) but left as soon as I finished school and ran to the coast. I currently live in Carlsbad, CA. When I'm not working, I surf.

    Sounds cliche, but I just picked up a family camera when I was younger and was immediately hooked. Thing drew enough of my attention that day that it led me to a point at which it's now a career, which is pretty rad and am I crazy grateful for it.

    To wrap, I'm a bit of a surf bum with a degree in finance that decided to go the opposite route and pursue a passion of mine that was and is, everything to do with photo/video creation."

    We're so pumped to have someone as talented as Colton on our team and can't wait to see the rad work he does in the future! 

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