Thankful List

Thankful List

Posted 2019 Nov
L Lauren Turley

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because it's a nice reminder to slow down and remember exactly what it is that keeps your world spinnin'. We asked a few of our employees what they were thankful for this year and got some pretty solid answers. Read on to see what they picked! 


"I'm thankful for my amazing wife. She is so strong and so disciplined. She is an amazing mom to our little girls and overall just a person that I respect and love so much!" 


"I'm grateful for all of the amazing places in the world and for a wife that's always down to explore them with me!" 


"I'm grateful for my babies! Every day they bring me so much purpose. I love seeing the world through their eyes! They are my everything." 


"Thankful for having a beating heart and four fully formed limbs. That's more than some have."


"I'm grateful for my family. For my amazing wife Lo who is Supermom to our baby girl and is the most patient and supportive human ever. My girls are the best thing in my life." 


"I am thankful for my goofy family and wife. I am beyond grateful for the many memories I share with these people and am excited for the memories that will make in the future. Our traditions evolve throughout the years and our family changes, but the love we share for each other and our relationships only grow stronger. I couldn't imagine life without my team." 


"Grateful to get to be with this guy forever :') Grateful he always has a joke on the tip of his tongue, grateful for his hard work and determination, and for the unconditional love he shows me every single day."


"I'm thankful for friends, family, and friends who become family. The people in my life make everything good. For great weather, great food, and being able to do something I love with people I love for work every day." 

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