3 Ways to Be Minimalist

3 Ways to Be Minimalist

Posted 2019 Dec
L Lauren Turley

With the new year upon us, we're all about setting new goals and making resolutions to upgrade life. We're all about living a minimalistic lifestyle. One that's filled with meaningful stuff and that makes time to live life to the best that you can. Here are some of our tips for getting there.

1. Only Keep the Important Stuff Around.

This means the stuff that is super meaningful to you or required. Clear your space, phone, car, etc. Donate clothes you don't wear, make sure your car only has the essentials in it, and make sure the people around you are affecting your life in a positive way. Anything that isn't doing that has gotta go. 

2. Travel Light. 

Nothing is better for practicing minimalism than traveling. Pack less than you need. You can always wash clothes or re-wear stuff. Less stuff = less stress. Grab a small fanny pack or crossbody bag (or a super rad small minimalist wallet) to keep your goods on you on the go so you can do your thing. You'd be surprised how little you actually need! 

3. Use What You Have. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the motto this year. If you have duplicates (ex: two sets of measuring cups) donate one! Reuse cups, jars, whatever you have! It'll keep the cost down of having to buy new stuff while also being friendly to the planet. Win-win. 

Hope these tips help! Let us know if you end up using them!! 

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