Picture of Women Employees at Thread

Who Inspires the Ladies at Thread

Posted 2021 Mar
C Colby Bauer

It was International Women's Day not too long ago, and there are quite a few rad women working behind the scenes here at Thread day in and day out to make this ship run smoothly. We asked them which women inspire them and their answers were good. Read on to see who they picked! 

Avery Harding - Thread Women Employee

Avery Harding - Community Manager 

"I have been significantly influenced by inspiring women throughout my life but Melinda Gates is a stand out. Melinda is a co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, business woman, founder of Pivotal Ventures, global advocate for females and is a dedicated mother to three children. She is a champion for education, healthcare, gender equality, and women's issues around the world. Her book, "The Moment of Lift" is a must read. In it she preaches that..."'When you lift up women, you lift up humanity.'" Amen to that!"


 Marquelle Gray - Thread Women Employee

Marquelle Clements - Project Manager

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