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Welcome to the Team: Kaniela Stewart

Posted 2020 Jul
C Colby Bauer

Kaniela joined the Thread family a few months ago and we're so stoked to have him here! Read on to find out why he's so cool. 


1. Who are you and what's your thing?

 Aloha my name is Kaniela Stewart and I am a professional Longboard Surfer 

2. How did you get into your craft?

 My mom and dad worked on the beach of Waikiki for a very very long time so I was born and raised on Waikiki beach. So growing up I’d be playing on the beach or in the water.

3. How do you kick it during your free time when you aren't surfing? 

What I like to do in my free time when I am not surfing is I like to either play basketball or go to the driving range to hit some golf balls with my friends.

4. What would you consider your biggest accomplishment either in your sport or in life? 

What I would consider a big accomplishment in my life is being able to make money and live life doing what I love to do which is surfing.

5. Here at Thread, our current anthem is "Carry On". How do you carry on through the good and the bad? 

How I like to carry on through good and bad times is I like to pray to God through the bad/Hard times knowing that he will watch over me and keep me safe and through good times I like to be thankful for what I have and always spread ALOHA.

6. Last question but the most important, what's the weirdest thing you've seen brought to the beach by a tourist? 

The weirdest thing I’ve seen tourists bring to the beach hmmmm...I’m not too sure because in Waikiki you’ll see the craziest things that take your whole life to see by the age of 15!! But if had to name one thing it’d probably a tourist bringing NO CLOTHES to the beach and by no clothes I mean full butt naked in front of the whole beach and walking down the beach like no one knows that they’re there!!

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