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Vans US Open with Jensen Sharp

Posted 2019 Jul
C Colby Bauer

One of our favorite Threadheads, Jensen Sharp, has been living in Southern California and hung out at the Vans US Open for a while. He got some rad shots and hung out with fellow Threadhead Kelis 

Kelis Kaleopa'a who was surfing in some of the competitions. Take a peek at what his time there was like! 


Surfboard floating in water


"As far as the comp goes my first impression was I couldn't believe it was all free, shout out to Vans for making it happen, the second was how in the world am I going to get a spot to film/shoot photos on the pier.  So many spectators made it difficult to find a steady spot to film/shoot but once I squeezed through an opening and dodged the lens of several different photographers you just hope n pray the riders to come your way and make the best of it.  


Surfer getting an award
So many different vendors and companies coming together offering free product, information, and overall fun activities within their little base camp which made it fun to walk around and explore. It was a blast seeing the community together like that.  The Vans store they put out was incredible as well, it was so cool looking at some vintage skateboards and seeing all the merch, you know we had to grab a long tee for the memories.  
Girl Surfing wave
Really couldn't believe the grace the longboarders had on those waves, they all make it look so easy even though that is far from the case.  Looking forward to getting more in the water and filming them doing their thing.
Girl carrying her longboard
Final notes would be that I was stoked on the location as well, only around 15 minutes away from my house and parking wasn't too shabby which made it smooth coming back most days." 
Skater airing out of vert ramp

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