Girl smiling while holding a sucker

Valentine's DIY Photo Filter

Posted 2021 Feb
C Colby Bauer

Love is in the air and so is creativity! We wanted to come up with something fun that can get you out of the house and challenge your artistic side. Valentine's Day is such an aesthetically pleasing holiday, and with this DIY Valentine's Photo Filter we created, you can get funky. It's so easy to do and you'll have a blast. 

Step One:

Get some colored tissue paper (we used pink because festive) and rip off some tiny pieces of it. 

Step Two:

Methodically place your ripped tissue paper around your iPhone camera and tape it so it stays next to your camera. 

checker wrapping paper

Step Three: 

Go find some natural lighting and take your photos to get the fun effect! Don't be afraid to get wacky and try it on all sorts of backgrounds. Valentines candy encouraged. 

Girl smiling holding sucker

Hope you guys love this tutorial! Tag us in the photos if you take any! 

xx, Thread

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