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Traveling with the Clear Crossbody

Posted 2021 May
C Colby Bauer

With travel starting to reopen, we are all feeling the urge to book a flight or hop in the car and head to a new adventure this summer. Here at Thread, we’re so excited to take the clear crossbody bag with us on all our adventures! 

Traveling with the Clear Crossbody

The clear crossbody is the perfect bag for travel! It makes going through TSA at the airport a smoother experience and is the perfect size to bring on the plane. The plastic material makes it water and sand resistant, making it the perfect bag to take to the beach. Just a quick glance at the bag and you can make sure you have everything you need, helping you keep moving in your busy life. Plus, it looks great in all your travel photos! You can check out the clear crossbody here!

Traveling with the Clear Crossbody

We can’t wait to see where you take your clear crossbody this summer and what you put inside. Here’s a list of some of our travel essentials that we’ll be putting in our clear crossbody this summer!


1. Touchland Power Mist

The last year has made us all a little more conscious of our personal hygiene. This hand sanitizer from Touchland makes sanitization cute and skin friendly!


2. Rustico Leather Passport Cover

This leather passport cover is perfect for the international traveler! It protects your passport and is durable enough to last forever! Click here to shop.


3. Sunski Polarized Sunglasses

We love how cute these sunglasses are! What we love even more is the fact that they are made out of recycled material! Click here to shop.


4. UO Portable Power Bank

Wherever your adventures may take you, this portable charger is the perfect sidekick to keep in your bag!

Don't forget to post pics of all your adventures with the clear crossbody this summer and tag us @thread_wallets 

Check out the clear crossbody here!

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