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Tips for an Epic Summer

Posted 2020 May
C Colby Bauer

What's up!

Summer is here and we're SO stoked about it. It being our favorite season, we wanted to give you guys some tips on how we make the best of it. Read on to get some summer inspiration. 


1. Document.

Whether you're new to the photography game or have been in it for years, there's always room to try something new. Document all of your favorite summer memories by picking up some disposable cameras, breaking out your polaroid, or even downloading and messing around with some fun new apps on your phone. 

2. Keep Covered.

We LOVE ourselves some good sun but love the sunburns that sometimes come with it. Make sure to gear yourself up with good sunscreen (you know our favorite is Sun Bum), a great hat (the one we'll be using HERE), and cool sunglasses (our pick is THESE) so you can keep getting that Vitamin D without sacrificing your health. ALSO, DRINK WATER. 

3. Tunes.

No summer is epic without an epic playlist to accompany it. Check out one of our many clicking HERE, or make your own! A good way to make a solid one is to pick a song, genre, or feeling and find songs and artistst that fit whatever you picked. Guaranteed chillin'. 

4. Think Like a Kid.

While lots of summer plans have probably been canceled due to COVID-19, this just means you gotta think outside the box. We're talking slip-n-slides, picnics, an outdoor movie in the backyard, rope swings, chalk art contests, etc. You get the picture. 

5. Support (and stay) local.

If you're lucky enough to be one of the towns that are starting to open back up, take the opportunity and explore! Go try that restaurant you just noticed on the corner, shop at the thrift store you've never been to, buy your groceries from the farmers market, wander the streets and you might find a new favorite spot! 

6. Disconnect.

No better time to take a break from technology than summer. Grab a crew of some rad people, grab some camping gear, and drive until you lose service (or just turn your phone off). Enjoy the storytelling, jokes, and good memories that follow. 


Let us know what you'll be doing to keep summer epic! xx, Thread

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