On The Loom: Griffin Anderson

On The Loom: Griffin Anderson

Posted 2019 Sep
L Lauren Turley

"On the Loom" is a new series highlighting people we can get behind! The idea of a loom came to mind when we wanted the focus of the series to be about people and their processes! A loom is the art or process of weaving yarn or threads together to create a solid material. "On the Loom" takes a look at the threads that hold people together and the individual moments that got them where they are. We're highlighting the forward focused and passionate progressives. Stay tuned as we weave this story threadhead by threadhead.


We're starting out our new season of Threadheads with skater and Hawaiian local Griffin Anderson. He's living the life we can only dream of and we're so so stoked to have him with us! Read on to find out more about him and what he does. 


Who are you and what's your thing?

"My name is Griffin Anderson & I don’t really know what my thing is haha. I skate, I surf and I take photos and that’s about it. 

Do you have any big dreams or goals (or small ones)?

I just hope I can make some kind of career out of doing the things I love. 

What's your process to get there? Do you have any daily/weekly/monthly goals to help you get there?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a process, but I just always try to stay active and creative in order to keep whatever I do fresh. 

Tell us about your worst fall.

I think I was twelve years old, and I was skating the spine at my home park. I clipped and fell from the top to flat onto my hip. I luckily didn’t break it, but I still ended up in crutches for around 3 weeks or so. 

Why do you skate?

It’s just where I feel the most calm and relaxed. Even if I’m falling or trying a trick for hours, there’s almost nothing else I’d rather be doing. 


What are you most proud of so far?

Almost finishing high school. 

Best place to skate in Honolulu?

Definitely my home park in Hawaii Kai. Best transition and perfect flow. Plus, it’s just a short drive away from the beach. 

Best place to eat after a skate sesh?

It’s gonna sound biased, but it’s gotta be my family’s cafe Morning Brew. Go give it a try haha. 

Anything else you want to add?

Nothing else really, but thank you for the feature!" 

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