The Tote Bag in Action

The Tote Bag in Action

Posted 2022 Jan
T Tenley Childs

Our team traveled to Mt. Baker, Washington to spend a couple of days with Threadhead Mary Rand. We started the trip in Glacier, Washington right next to the border of Canada. We were blown away by the thick, mossy greenery that covered the landscape. The forest looked so cozy and inviting we could have stayed there forever.  

Mossy Forrest

Before heading up the mountain, we filled our tote bags with snacks, sandwiches, and burritos from the local bakery. We highly recommend checking out Wake N’Bakery in Glacier. It was delicious! 

Jupiter Tote Bag

Glacier is a crazy small town of about 200 people so everyone knows each other. We felt like we were with a celebrity as Mary said hello to almost everyone we passed. 

Tote Bag

After snacking up, we loaded Mary’s Bigfoot camper and drove up the mountain to find some snow before the sun went down. The change in the environment was drastic, going from green and luscious to white and covered in snow in minutes. 


It was so fun to see how excited Mary was to show us her favorite local spot for snowboarding. Watching her snowboard was like watching an artist at work. 

Mary Rand

Throughout all the activities of the day, the Thread tote bag was the perfect sidekick. The zipper pocket inside kept all our valuables safe and the D ring on the outside let us clip on our wallet and keys for quick access. The thick material held up in every environment. You can shop our tote bags here to find your new adventure buddy!

Carry On Tote

Our little trip to Glacier was filled with beautiful scenery and even cooler people. Huge thanks to Mary for showing us around! If you want to see more from Mary, check out her insta @maryrand

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