The Crossbody in Action

The Crossbody in Action

Posted 2021 Oct
T Tenley Childs

We put a poll up on our insta asking you what your favorite places to bring the crossbody are. These were the top results:


We love taking the crossbody bag hiking! It’s the perfect size to hold all your necessities but small enough that it isn’t a bother to carry with you. We recommend attaching the strap to the top and bottom of your crossbody in order to wear it across your chest. That way, it won’t get in the way while you’re hiking. 

The Lilac Crossbody Bag is a favorite of ours for hikes because it matches just about everything!  


The crossbody is the perfect concert companion! It makes getting through security and into the concert way faster thanks to its easy to open pockets. It fits your phone, wallet, keys, and tickets and looks super stylish in photos. 

The Emmeline Crossbody Bag is a favorite of ours for concerts thanks to its funky, retro design.


The crossbody bag makes traveling a breeze. Fill it with your essentials, passport, and maybe some snacks, and bring it on the plane. It’s small, convenient, and cute enough to be featured in all of your travel photos. Turn it into a fanny pack to complete the tourist vibe. 

The Off White Crossbody Bag is a favorite of ours for travel because it matches with every thing we've packed! 


The crossbody bag was designed to be the perfect everyday companion. Keep your wallet and keys inside to make it easy to grab on your way out. The crossbody makes it easy to run out the door when you’re late to work!

The Jupiter Crossbody Bag is our go to work because it brings a fun groovy vibe to the sometimes boring 9-5. 

As part of the Fall collection, we released some awesome new crossbody designs! Which pattern is your favorite? 

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