Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted 2021 Mar
L Lauren Turley

Spring is here and on of our favorite parts of the changing of the seasons is getting a fresh start. The sun is out, it's getting warmer, artist's are releasing new music, and life just gets a little better. Not only does cleaning your space feel great physically, but mentally it's benefits are out of this world. Get your space feeling brand new with some of our tips below. 

1. Declutter 

Before you get to the nitty gritty, make sure you've gotten rid of any junk or things you just don't need anymore. Go through your drawers, your car, everything. You'll feel awesome and be super motivated to get everything done. 

2. Make Sure You're Entertained

Make sure you have something good to listen to keep you motivated and make it go by quicker blast your favorite early playlist or podcast, turn on a movie or tv show, or call a friend! Just make sure it's something that acts as background noise and isn't too distracting. We recommend something from the early 2000’s for all of your favorite throwbacks that you can sing as loud as you want to. If you need some inspiration, check out one of our playlists HERE

3. Get Inspired

Look up cleaning Instagrams and TikToks! #cleaningtiktok is one of the most satisfying things ever. Nothing else will get your more inspired/motivated. It also might give you some new cleaning products or hacks to try! 

4. Fresh Scents

Get it smelling fresh with a combo of incense/palo santo + spring potpourri. Use the incense first to smoke out any funky smells that might be lingering in your house. Open the windows and make sure to not put it too close to a smoke detector! After, follow up with the potpourri. We love this one HERE. This recipe is so simple and makes your house smells so fresh. The incense is good because the smoke clears out any funky smells. 

5. Treat Yo'Self

Reward yourself after your day of cleaning so you have something to look forward to! Order your favorite takeout or make your favorite treat, turn on your favorite movie, and enjoy your freshly cleaned space. Invite someone over as extra motivation if you feel like it!


Hope these help! Let us know how it goes and which playlists you jam to. Good luck and happy cleaning! 

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