On The Loom: Zach Newton

Posted 2019 Sep by Lauren Turley / #people

This week's post is on surfer dude Zach Newton (@zach.hawaii). He's gnarly and so good at what he does. Living in Hawaii and being in the ocean every day is how he spends his time and we love him for it. Read on to see why we consider him anything but a kook. 
Who are you & what's your thing?
"My Name is Zach Newton and I'm an ocean enthusiast. Surfing, diving, coral restoration, and beach clean-ups. The ocean is my home no matter where I am in the world. 
How did you find your surfing style?
My surfing style was found through surfing with a lot of Hawaii's professionals and extreme conditions. A lot of the days are very raw and violent but looking graceful and calm while riding is important. 
Do you have any big dreams or goals (or small ones)?
My Long term goal is to eventually work my way through the longboard qualifying series and then become a part of the world tour. 
What's your process to get there?
I plan on getting there by continuing training every day and saving money to travel and enter contests. My parents and board shaper Kenny Walker have been a lot of help trying to get me there. 
Have you ever come close to drowning? How did you get back on the board?
My lungs are strong and have a lot of room for oxygen but I've definitely been close a couple of times, it's hard to prepare for a big hold down that's why I train every day because you never know when the big waves are going to come. 
Why do you surf?
I surf because it makes me happier than anything in the world. I am able to clear my mind and really live in the present. Every wave is like a new opportunity where I can better myself and progress forward. 
Favorite surf spot?
Favorite spot to surf would probably have to be Honolua Bay. Talk about a perfect right-hand point break...
You about the chop or the glass?
I am definitely about the glass, that's just calling for the highest performance of surfing. Choppy surf can be really fun too though, especially if I'm in the mood for trying to punt something big! 
Best post-surf place to eat?
Best place to eat after a long surf is home! Both my parents make the most bomb all organic meals packed with energy and nutrients that my body craves. 
Anything else you want to add? Best advice you ever got? Words you live by?
You are the master of your own destiny, you dream it and push hard, anything is possible."

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