Meet Lo Beeston

Bright Eyes and Pink Skies: Meet Lo Beeston

Posted 2020 Jul
L Lauren Turley
In case you missed it, we just dropped our first-ever influencer collection, and Lo Beeston was the star of it. We got to catch up with her and dive a little bit deeper into her life and the inspiration behind the collection. Read on to find out all about the Bright Eyes and Pink Skies Collection.

Looks like you're living the dream living on an island. How did you end up in Hawaii and what 's the best part about living there?
"I loved the idea of living somewhere I had "only dreamed" of. I knew we could make it a reality and that's what we did. It was never the smartest idea "on paper" but my heart always told me this is where I would end up and I'm so glad we did. I love being able to go to the beach every single day, have beautiful weather all year round, and be around like-minded people. It's an amazing place with amazing people. 

What inspired you for this collection?
My collection was inspired by the idea of being true to your unique self and growing into your potential. Both flowers and butterflies grow and evolve into their beautiful, bright selves and that's why they are the chosen prints. I love everything bright and poppy and wanted to incorporate that into the designs as well. I want my collection to remind people that there is not just a "bright future" but a "bright NOW".

Meet Lo Beeston
As an influencer and photographer, what tips do you have for someone starting out in those areas?
My recommendation goes hand in hand with the theme of my collection. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Discover who you are and what you contribute to this world. And then do more of that. Shoot photos of what YOU love. Don't try to be something that your not. I never had the goal of being an "influencer". I was honestly shocked when companies started reaching out to me to do Instagram collabs. It just came to me as I posted about what I loved and kept it real. That's my biggest advice. 

Guilty pleasure?
Honestly... I've been way into mobile Fortnite for the last few months hahaha.

Favorite post-surf snack? 
Surf N Salsa. California Burrito. Hands down. 

Meet Lo Beeston
Give us all the tips! How do you balance documenting your daily life from documenting for work? 
This is something that I'm still working on! But I feel like I am starting to get it down. Tanner quit his full-time job at the end of 2019 to make this the priority and that has helped TREMENDOUSLY. It all comes down to good planning and communication. This job is unique because it requires that you work 24/7. It's your life. And sometimes that can be draining. I'm literally writing this as I am on a family vacation in the mountains of California haha. But Tan and I make sure to plan out our days so that it doesn't really feel like work most of the time (that's the goal right?) If we are going to take photos for a company or for Instagram, we make sure that we enjoy the hike there as a family, or that we surf our brains out before we get the photo. It's just about staying in tune with your mind and body and knowing when you need to take little breaks and disconnect for a bit."
Meet Lo Beeston

Hope you guys love the collection as much as we do!
Xx, Thread

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