Let's Get Cozy

Let's Get Cozy

Posted 2017 Nov
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Fall is in full swing which means it's time for pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and hot chocolate. It's also time to grab a blanket, a cuddle buddy, and a good movie. November is THE ultimate month to Netflix and chill and we're making it easier than ever with our top shows and movies to binge this holiday season.

    1. The Killing
      Halloween has come and gone but that doesn't mean that the time for scary movies has. The Killing is one of our all-time favorite shows to binge. It's gripping, suspenseful and has the right amount of humor (we're looking at you, Stephen Holder). With that being said, we'd recommend sticking to the first two seasons. The second two seasons (season three and four) were written and directed by different people so they are darker, more violent and maybe a little too disturbing for many viewers. The murder mystery of the first two seasons, however, will BLOW YOUR MIND.

    2. Parks and Recreation
      We are still shocked at how many people haven't watched Parks and Recreation. If you're wanting something light and quotable, this is your show. Grab your waffles and if you're feeling extra festive watch Christmas Scandal (episode 12 of season 2) or Citizen Knope from season 4. Both will have you laughing your pants off.

    3. Beauty and the Beast
      Disney always does it right! Beauty and the Beast is the perfect way to start a girls night or end a hot date. We were blown away by the special effects and the music and Emma Watson. Always Emma Watson!

    4. Beyond Stranger Things
      Where my nerds at? This is for all the Stranger Things 2 fanatics out there. If you're like us and have already watched the entire sequel, your world is upside down and you're ready for more demo-dogs and Jane. Geek out to these seven, short episodes of cast interviews and behind the scenes footage.

    5. Nightmare Before Christmas 
      Just the ultimate segway from Halloween into the holidays. Classic characters and storyline make this Tim Burton film a MUST for any holiday movie party.

    6. Gaga: Five Foot Two
      Music lovers and pop-cultural enthusiasts unite. This behind the scenes look into the music-industry icon's life is the perfect movie to watch with friends (or alone).

    7. Parenthood
      Is it just me or is the show WAY better than the rave that is This Is Us? If you're into family drama and real-life scenarios that will have you crying, laughing and feeling all sorts of feels that only family life can trigger, this is the show for you! The characters are so relatable and in my humble opinion, the story-line is way more realistic and the acting way more believable (than other popular family-life shows *cough*cough*). Also, the music is top-freaking-notch.

    8. A Very Murray Christmas
      Let's be honest, we have all asked ourselves, "What would happen if all my favorite (and hottest) celebrities came together in one show?" Well, this is it. Sans, a few swear words, this is a mighty festive and very untraditional Christmas show that will have you movin' and groovin'.
Basically, we are plan on getting super cozy over the next few months!  I mean, what else are you to do when the snow is falling and Netflix is calling? Also, if you're in need of the PERFECT movie blanket, head over to Goosebumps Shop. We're talking adult swaddles! What? Straight out of a dream.

We're needing to start Riverdale and are wanting to tackle The Keepers (who doesn't love a good crime documentary?). What shows are you watching right now? 

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