Thread Wallets' Winter 2017 Gift Guide

Thread Wallets' Winter 2017 Gift Guide

Posted 2017 Dec
S Stephanie Smith

Christmas is fast approaching and if you're like us, that means you are worried about finding the perfect gift to give friends and family or your special someone. This year, we're making the giving easy by putting together a list of our favorite gifts to give (and get) because let's be honest, you're gonna end up wanting to keep all the goods for yourself. We carefully selected companies and products we love and can stand by! Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Rice Love Bags
Who doesn't love a company with a mission and who doesn't love a unique product to show off to your friends? Rice Love designs tote bags and backpacks utilizing eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials. HEYO! And for every item they make, they give a kilo of rice to a family in need. We love that each item you buy comes with a unique tag number that can be used to find the photo and story of the family that you fed by purchasing from their shop. Since each of their backpacks is made from the recycled burlap pieces of authentic Indian rice bags, each bag is one-of-a-kind. Price: $12-$45 

Natures Kindle
Are you wishing you could have the smell of your fresh cut Christmas tree in last all year round? Or are you dreaming of having the smell of coffee waft through your home 24/7? Nature's Kindle highlights scents inspired by nature with a focus on design and quality and is the perfect for guys and gals alike. Price: $10-$30

Bucks Burley 
It can be hard to find the perfect styling products for men. Am I right or am I right? Bucks Burley is where it's at if you are wanting to stuff the man in your life's stocking with the most amazing haircare and beard-care products on the market. They smell good and they'll make your man look good. What more could you ask for? Price: $16-$19

Salt and Stone Skincare
Where are all our sun-seekers at? Salt and Stone offers the perfect products for all the UV-ray lovers in your life. Their products are simple and stunning and are great for your trips to the beach or your runs down the slopes. Their mint lip-balm is to. die. for. and costs less than $5. All their products will keep your skin looking fresh while still allowing you to soak up as much heat as you can. Price: $4.99-17.99

Gigipip Hats
We all wear lots of hats but, if your hat isn't a Gigipip hat, is it really even a hat? I mean really! We are in love. Gigipip was created by the cutest, Ginger Parrish and we are obsessed with all they have to offer. Their beanies will keep you cozy all winter long so head to their website (or their new storefront) and get ready to go Christmas gift crazy! Price: $14-$76

TOSSD Salt Spray
We have been obsessed with all things TOSSD since day-freaking-one. Everyone on your Christmas-gift-list will love you if TOSSD is in their stocking. You seriously can not go wrong with TOSSD's salt spray (it smells divine) and their scrunchies are the cutest scrunchies on the market (or your wrist). Price: $4-$20

Seamaid Market
If you're trying to find the perfect gift for any beach lover on your Christmas gift-list, this is one of our favorite places to find one-of-a-kind beach finds. Each piece is handmade by Lisa Rondo, in California but inspired by the beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Just be prepared, as soon as you get your hands on her seaglass earrings or shell necklaces, you'll be dreaming of piña coladas and suntan lines all winter long. Price: $6-$70

Honey Belle 
Does the cold weather of winter make your skin feel and look like an elephant's? Cue Honey Belle -- the cure-all for any winter skin issues. As a Utah based company, we are stoked that we found Honey Belle in time for the onset of the ski season. Every single one of their products will make the perfect gift and your purchase will make a difference because Honey Belle donates a  bar of soap for each bar of body soap purchased. The best part about it, their products work for men and women. Price: $5-$75

If you're looking for a gift for the "techy" in your life but you don't want to sacrifice style, Skinit is the place to go. They offer the coolest cases and skins to protect your smartphone, gaming devices, tablet, laptop, and audio devices. With the option of complete customization, you really can't go wrong. PRICES VARY

Vybe Socks
We love a good sock and you're feet are gonna be vibing these comfy (and cute!) socks hard. Vybe is on a mission to get you into a sock that fits your style and personality. Each of their collections combines simple and colorful pieces, so you can be as loud or understated as you like this holiday season. PRICES VARY

Less is More Jewelry
If you are still searching for the perfect accessory to complete your holiday get-up, Less is More has your neck, fingers, and ears covered. We are in love with their simplistic designs that cater to the modern, kindhearted and strong-willed women. Each piece of jewelry is designed with the hope to inspire the wearer to do good, be kind to one another, and find true happiness in life. Each piece is handcrafted with brass, 14k gold filled and sterling silver findings, and real semi-precious gemstones. PRICES VARY

Goosebumps Blankets
We are literally obsessed with Goosebumps' cozy adult swaddles. If you are wanting to give the gift of comfy, this is THE perfect gift. With so many designs to choose from, these blankets will be a hit in your home on Christmas morning and all year round. Price: $42

Often Wander Candles 
We love a good candle -- especially at this time of year. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or trying to create the spirit of hygge, these candles will set the mood. All Often Wander candles are made with 100% organic and eco-friendly soy wax, creating a smooth and creamy soy candle that burns slow and clean. Candles are made in small batches in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California using quality essential and fragrance oils. Price: $18

Thread Wallets
Of course, we are biased, but we know that everyone on your list will love the functionality and fun designs of Thread Wallets. With their matching lanyards, you really can't go wrong! They are perfect for all ages and everyone, we mean EVERYONE, will be thanking you year round for the awesome (dare we say) life-changing gift! Price: $10-$30

What are your favorite things to give and receive on Christmas morning?! 
Leave a comment below and let us know!

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E Emilee
Dec 10, 2017

Christmas pajamas & fuzzy socks!! ??