Father's Day at Thread

Father's Day at Thread

Posted 2021 Jun
T Tenley Childs

We have some awesome dads working here at Thread! As we celebrate the fathers in our lives this weekend, we decided to ask them some questions to get to know them better. We also asked them each what their Father's Day gift pick is from the BOGO sale going on at Thread.

Thread dads

What is the craziest thing your kids have ever done?

“I watched Ray jump off a hot tub when she was two years old because some of the older kids jumped off it. I was so proud. The hot tub was like double her size!” - Colby Bauer

Colby's Pick: Lagoon Phone Case Wallet

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Lagoon Phone Case


What is your best dad advice? 

“Best dad advice from me is ‘choose your own friends.’ Kinda weird but the first thing that came to my mind!” - Trevor Reese

Father's Day at Thread

Trevors pick: Gravel Vertical Wallet 

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What is the most gratifying part of being a father?

“The most gratifying part of being a father is to be able to guide our children into becoming the best version of themselves. Seeing them learn and grow and being able to love them unconditionally is ultimately gratifying.” - Dillon Boyes

Father's Day at Thread

Dillon's Pick: Tosh Bifold Wallet

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Tosh Bifold Wallet

What is your best dad joke?

"Harry Potter was running down the hill. JK, rolling." - Brandon Carpenter

Father's Day at Thread

Brandon's Pick: Carson Vertical Wallet

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