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Posted 2021 Apr
L Lauren Turley

Jay Warren and another one of our favorite artists, Lily Evans of HBD. (@thisishbd, put together playlists of their favorite songs for us. Both playlists are so good, and there's something for you on both. Check them out!

Here's a sneak peak of the tunes on Jay's: 

- Magic by Coldplay

- Selah by Kanye West

- Still in Love by Thirdstory

- Vienna by Ben Platt

For Jay's full playlist, click HERE! 

And for a sneak peak of Lily's picks: 

- Hope is a Heartache by LEON

- Neon Buzz by Glades

- Daydream by The Aces

- Nice For What by Drake 

For Lily's full playlist, click HERE

 Hope you enjoy and make sure to give them some love on social! 

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