Carry On: Employee Edition

Carry On: Employee Edition

Posted 2021 Feb
L Lauren Turley

For this edition of Carry On, we talked to a few of our employees about what it is them helps them carry on. Check out what they had to say! 

Ryan: I Carry On by getting outside and doing what I love.
Colby: Skateboarding has been my saving grace throughout the past few years. There’s something about the progression and the community that is therapeutic for me. I’ve spent countless hours decompressing at the skatepark. 
Gillian: This past year has been transformative in so many ways for all of us but personally I’ve learned to lean into change and embrace the unknown! Tuning into gratitude is how I Carry On!
Mitch: Spending time with family helps me Carry On.
Lilli: Director of People and Culture at Thread. Exercise and family road trips help me Carry On. 
We love our Thread team and hope this inspires you for how to Carry On in your own day to day! xx, The Thread Team

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