Tips to Create a California State of Mind

Posted 2019 Feb by Lauren Turley / #lifestyle / #travel

 "A California State of Mind." 
The urban dictionary definition: " A play on the phrase "new york state of mind"; the act of thinking, acting, and possessing the traits of a true Californian. Such characteristics include frequenting the beach, using slang known only to true Californians, eating beach cuisine like acai bowls, or operating a vehicle like a California driver. Most people with the California state of mind are not afraid to set trends or act differently than non-Californians because they know deep down the Californian way is always right (excluding the economy). Having a California state of mind is closely tied with being under the influence of Californication, and can be seen in one's laid back, dgaf-like personality." 
So how do you keep this kind of mindset in your everyday life? We're here with some tips. 
1. Get Outside
Whether it's hitting the beach, hiking, surfing, or even just driving with your windows down to take advantage of warm weather and fresh air, Californian's make time to do so. 
2. Do more of what you love.
In order to stay sane in an insane world, you gotta make sure to do the things that fill your soul and bring you back to your roots. Whether that's reading a good book, creating, or being with your people, doing the things you love is good for the soul.  “Do anything, but let it produce joy.” - Walt Whitman. 
3.  Get out of your comfort zone.
A life well lived was never a comfortable one. Go after your passion, quit your crappy job, tell that person you love them. Twenty years down the road, we can promise you'll be happy you did. 
4. Enjoy the little things in life. 
It's all about finding the good. Whether it's an awesome song that came on the radio or a great street taco, you can't be chill without being grateful for the good.
5. Spend money on experiences, not things. 
That 60$ sweatshirt can't give you the memories that an awesome concert with your best friends can. Choose wisely.  

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