BTS: Dew Tour

Posted 2020 Feb by Lauren Turley

Last week we got to hang out with all of the rad people and brands at the Dew Tour. We got to Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado where it had just started snowing and immediately went on the hunt for pizza. We ended up at Gustino's Lakeside Pizzeria and would happily recommend both if you're ever there. 

Afterward, we attended the VIP party and hung out with the other rad sponsors and some ultra-cool people (like Curren Caples). For the next couple of days, we hung out and ran our booth while the snow kept coming down. Over the next couple of days, it snowed 19 inches, resulting in the best powder any of us had ever skied or snowboarded in. We took turns getting up on the mountain and taking breaks talking to all of the locals and eating leftovers. 

We got to watch our Threadhead Jake Pates practice and rock his competitions and attempted to stay warm with the crazy weather. At night we went to Woodward Copper Mountain and got some skate sessions in. We met a young legend who's already better than we are at nine years old and a rad fifty-year-old Czechoslovakian man who roller-skated the bowls like it was nothing. 

We froze, we went hot tubbing, we met some new favorite people, ate good food, and had such a good trip. Get to the Dew Tour if you can and drink a Dew for us. It's an absolute blast, we promise. 

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