Brooklinn Khoury: Her Story

Brooklinn Khoury: Her Story

Posted 2021 Mar
L Lauren Turley

Today we're featuring one of our Threadhead's and favorite people, skater and cool girl Brooklinn Khoury from Southern California. This girl SHREDS, but she's also one of the strongest people we know. In June 2020, Brooklinn was visiting some family in Arizona when a dog attacked her. Read on to hear the rest of her story.

"The dog attacked me. He ripped off my upper lip and parts of my nose and they are completely gone. I was then taken to the hospital. After eight hours and my lip being on ice the whole time, I finally went into surgery at 9:00 pm.

The surgery took about and I got done and the nurse was really really scared for me to look at my face for the first time. I removed the gauze and I have a video of myself looking at myself for the first time and I was in utter shock. It was finally sinking in what had happened and just the journey that I'm going to have ahead of me.

Through this whole accident my friends and family and skateboarding has helped me tremendously. It's so nice to be able to go and skate and be able to move my body and stay active. I just remember that I have friends and family supporting me and loving me through it all. I've learned to see the beauty through everything even if I didn't feel like it at first and I hope you do too. "

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