Thoughts and a Playlist from Bri Ray

Thoughts and a Playlist from Bri Ray

Posted 2021 Mar
L Lauren Turley

Introducing our first guest playlist. We brought on cool girl and musician Bri Ray to give us some tunes that she loves as well as got to know her a little better. Read on to find out all about her and click HERE for her playlist! 

Who are you? Give us a little background. Tell us about yourself!
I was born (1997) and raised in Orem, Utah. I began singing and writing songs at the age of 8—pursuing it professionally starting at 15. Stylistically, I started out making pop music, but I’ve more recently transitioned into RnB—it feels more like home. I’m an advocate and activist for racial and gender equality. If I’m not in the studio or on stage, you can find me working with startups and entrepreneurs on digital marketing strategies!

What/Who Inspires your music?
Growing up, I would wake up to the sound of my dad singing gospel songs in the shower. I think
that’s where my passion for singing came from. I’ve always been my dad’s little girl, and singing became something I could connect with him on that was special to us two. As I started to
explore music more, I experimented with songwriting and eventually discovered Alicia Keys, whose song “No One” became one of the first I could play and sing at the same time. From there
it was game-over, I was hooked. I became obsessed with the freedom music provides to creativity, expressiveness, emotion, and experimentation.

Your latest single is called "Confidence". What/Who has helped you find your confidence and voice?
When “Confidence” was created, Joshua Strauther (my producer) and I were brainstorming ideas for a different track. We recorded a melody, and six notes caught Josh’s attention. That’s now the melody you hear during the lyrics, “I feel good in your arms” and throughout the chorus. The inspiration for “Confidence” was an idea I had been toying with for a few months. So often I see women get into relationships and lose an “edge” of their confidence. I know I’ve had plenty of experience in that scenario. But the idea of a relationship in which someone can be their own self fully without apology, a relationship that recognizes and supports the hopes, dreams, and abilities of each individual—that kind of relationship not only encourages continuous confidence, but also builds new realms of confidence within a person. You’ll see messages of “self-love before other love,” and “relationships are important, but not more important than mental health and self-esteem,” throughout the lyrics.

I feel good in your arms, wrap yourself ‘round my flaws, make your body my cure.

But something ‘bout on my own, keeps my soul magical, feeling so self-assured.

May not be my everything, that don’t mean I don’t want ya.
You can decide you don’t want me,
Still gon’ be the same person
I believe confidence is created and recreated over and over as we go through life. As our minds,
bodies, and beliefs shift and grow, our confidence does as well. I have always used music as a
way to find my confidence and voice. Music is a specific way for me to express my opinions,
feelings, and experiences.

What would you consider your greatest achievement?
The Presidential Scholar and Young Arts program were two of my all-time favorite experiences. The networking alone proved life-changing as I connected and built relationships with respected industry professionals. More than anything, though, was the validation. Being raised in Utah, with minimal trips to LA and Nashville, I constantly questioned if I would be “good enough” in the music world outside of Utah. Being selected to participate in these programs and walking away as an award-winning singer/songwriter in both Miami and Washington D.C. was incredibly validating. A lot of people in Utah aren’t aware of the Young Arts program, but it was through that program that I was nominated for and became the first ever Presidential Scholar of the arts in the singer/songwriter discipline. If anyone has a child in high school with any kind of artistic drive, from acting to dance to culinary arts, look up the Young Arts Scholarship program.

What advice would you give to women trying to find their "confidence"?
You will never find confidence on social media. It doesn’t matter how much validation you gain or lose from being on social media—it’s all temporary. You have to create confidence within yourself. Your confidence should be built on the foundation of what a
true badass you are—not an engagement rate. Remember, confidence is a journey. My advice is to look inside yourself. Find the magical qualities and characteristics that you inevitably have. Focus inward rather than outward, because confidence that lasts doesn’t come from the validation of others—it comes from inside you.

Where can people find you?
All social platforms: @thebriray
All streaming platforms: Bri Ray
You can presave my new single “Tough Love” here


We loved catching up with Bri and hope you loved reading her interview! Make sure to give her love on social and enjoy her playlist! 

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