Blast From The Past: Halloween

Blast From The Past: Halloween

Posted 2018 Oct
L Lauren Turley

Halloween is in the air and we're very excited about it. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, we wanted to throw it back to the glory days and give you guys a little peep at some of the costumes we rocked when we were kiddos. With everything from "Adorable Pumpkin" to costumes that will make you wonder "????"! We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. 

Lili (2.5), Customer Service Gal:
The cutest pumpkin you've ever laid eyes on.

Mitch (8), Operations Guy:
Ultra Pimpin' Harry Potter

Colby (17), CEO:

Kenzie Bauer, CMO (7) and Ryan King, Finance Guru (5):
Your classic princess and zombie combo

Trevor (6), Super Dope Creative Director:
A "Mother F*%&$#ing Cowboy"

Lauren (1), Marketing Content Creator:
A Drowning Frog (her parents thought it was hilarious.) 

Melinda (7), Sales Manager:
Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Lily (10), Kick-Ass Creative Assistant:
A Stop Sign (You can see why we pay her the big bucks.) 

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