Behind the Scenes: F/W '19

Behind the Scenes: F/W '19

Posted 2019 Jun
L Lauren Turley

With a NEW COLLECTION around the corner, we wanted to give you guys a little inside scoop on the action that took place behind closed doors. In this post, we'll tell you all about what inspired the collection, tell you about where to find the best ice cream, and let you in on some of the fun that took place during the trip. LET'S GO! 

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at the office. Although it's a great season for getting cozy inside, it's even better for getting out. The weather is amazing whether it's a rainy day spent driving in the mountains enjoying the views or a sunny day spent outside playing in the leaves. Fall is the best and we're stoked for it. Adventure is out there, and these new designs scream just that. Made specifically with the weekend warrior in mind, our Fall '19 collection is made for the doers. 

To get the shots we wanted for this collection, we took off to one of our favorite national parks, Yellowstone. We set out on the road with some of our favorite influencers and creatives, a bunch of stuff from some of our favorite brands, and a will to see some bears. The weather was perfect the whole weekend we were there. A crisp 65 degree high with the occasional thunderstorm made the bulky flannels and boots we were wearing feel cozy and it was awesome. 

We perfected the perfect smore (it involves homemade peanut butter, recipe coming soon!) We saw lots of bison and geysers, ate a lot of Goldfish, hung out with a German motorcycle gang, and got some rad shots. 

There were five employees and seven influencers/creatives, and it was a blast. Between late-night binging Stranger Things and half of us getting the flu (haha it was a disaster), we were all BFFs by the end of the trip. Nothing brings people together like barfing in a cabin together will. 

Things didn't go according to plan most of the time but we had the best crew around so everything was cool. 

We stayed in a rad cabin surrounded by trees which was the best setting for a lot of our photos. It was only forty-five minutes from the park entrance so it was perfect.

A big thanks to all of the rad brands that sent us stuff to take with us on our trip. Shoutout to Sunski, Pendleton, Cotopaxi, Kodiak Cakes, Leus, and Coal Headwear for hooking the team and our influencers up with rad gear! Keep your eyes peeled for the fall launch because it'll be here soon!! 


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