10 Things Every Minimalist Needs When Going Back to School

10 Things Every Minimalist Needs When Going Back to School

Posted 2021 Aug
T Tenley Childs

As we get ready to head into another school year, we've been on the hunt to find the perfect minimalist back to school gear. Check out some of our favorite finds!

1. The Perfect White T-shirt

Class T-shirt Company

One of the keys to minimalist living is creating a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a limited and curated selection of clothes that all complement each other and are interchangeable. Having a capsule wardrobe can help eliminate some of the stress of trying to figure out what to wear each morning. One of the first things you’ll need for your capsule wardrobe is the perfect white tee. We love The Classic T-shirt Company because their shirts are durable and made of organic cotton!

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2. White Sneakers

Adidas Sneakers

Another key to your capsule wardrobe are some simple and versatile sneakers. We love these Adidas Sleek Mid Shoes! They’re the perfect white sneakers to match with any outfit.

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3. A Sturdy Backpack

Waterproof Backpack

If you’re looking to live a more minimalist lifestyle, you want to find items that will last a long time. That’s why we’re digging this waterproof backpack. It comes in 4 super rad colors and will protect all your important things from the elements.

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4. A Notebook Set

Pantone Notebooks

Keep your thoughts organized and color coded with these awesome Pantone mini notebooks! We love these simple notebooks for jotting down notes and thoughts.

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5. An Organizing Pouch

Mochi Things Pouch

This pouch is perfect for keeping all your things organized in your backpack. It conveniently can fit your laptop, iPad, notebook, planner, pens, pencils, headphones, and pretty much anything else you can think of all while looking sleek and stylish.

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6. A Slim Wallet

Elastic Wallet

Keep all your important things together and close by with a Thread Elastic Wallet. The perfect minimalist wallet that’s small and compact as well as stylish!

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7. A Simple Planner

Papier Planner

Every minimalist needs a good planner that’s durable and stylish. We love Papier planners because you can customize them with your name and info so you won’t have to worry if you lose it!

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8. Pens and Pencils

Muji Pens

We love the simplicity and functionality of Muji pens and pencils. You can pick and choose which colored pens you want to buy or buy convenient 10 packs depending on what you need! 

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9. Reusable Lunch Bags

Reusable Lunch Bags

Reduce plastic waste while saving money with these reusable lunch bags! These are perfect for packing some snacks or a sandwich to bring along in your backpack, and they’re super easy to wash and reuse.

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10. AirPod Case

Airpod Case

Never lose your AirPods again with a Thread AirPod case. This case allows you to clip your AirPods onto your keychain or backpack while also protecting your AirPods from drops and scratches!

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