Will my cards fall out of the elastic wallet even if the bottom isn't sewn? 
Our wallets are designed to keep your cards safe and secure. With the thousands of wallets we have shipped, we haven't received one complaint of cards falling out with day-to-day use. Thread Wallets are designed to keep your cards safe and secure. They are constructed with a tight-knit 3” wide elastic that covers the majority of your cards to help keep them locked in place. SEE OUR REVIEWS PAGE FOR MORE INFO.

Is it difficult to get cards out?

You can slide the cards you use most frequently through the outer pockets so they are easily accessible. To help get the cards that you store in the middle use one finger to push the card(s) from one end of the wallet, out of the other end. You can then easily fan through your cards and pull out the one you need. 

Do they fade?
No. We use a special process that literally ingrains the ink into the fabric. We designed our product to be long-lasting. Your wallet will stay vibrant as long as you do.   
Can I wash it?
Yes. If they get stained or you accidentally leave it in your pocket, don’t worry. Washing won’t cause damage to the product or fade the design. We do recommend hand-washing as opposed to throwing them in the washer.
Can you put cash in them?

Of course! Just fold your bills twice and slide them right into the outer pocket. Cash stays nice and snug against your cards. You won’t have to worry about it sliding out.


How long do they last? Do they loose elasticity over time?
Because we are a new company, the first wallets we made were around 2.5 years go. We still find customers who purchased these first wallets and are still using them. Although they are worn, they look good and have kept the same elasticity it possessed when created. However, since our wallets are meant to be used frequently, we recommend getting a new one after around 12 months of use. Although they are designed to last much longer, normal wear and tear have been noted to begin around this time period.


How many cards can they hold?
A Thread Wallet can hold up to around eight cards but, they function best with around four to six. After all, they are meant to hold only your essentials --  not every card and receipt you've ever owned.


Where is my package?

We use USPS to deliver our packages. Domestic orders usually take on average around 3-5 business days to be delivered. International orders can take around 7-10 business days, depending on the location. If you are having your wallet shipped internationally, please be patient sometimes it can take much longer due to customs and the reliability of the postal service of the country being shipped to. Once the package has passed US customs, they often become un-trackable since they are no longer in the hands of the USPS. Domestic orders are not determined lost until 15 days post shipment and International orders are not determined lost until 30 days post shipment. If your tracking number indicates that the package was "DELIVERED" but you have not received the package, please be patient. Some mailmen scan the package as it enters their truck, others scan the package as it enters the mailbox. If your tracking number indicates that the package was "DELIVERED" but you haven't received it, we recommend checking with neighbors, your mail man and your local USPS office to see if the package was misplaced. If after a 15 days, you still have not received the package, please let us know. If your tracking number hasn't updated since a certain point, please be patient. Although the USPS is very reliable, there are occasionally hold-ups and errors. Once the package is in the hands of the USPS and your tracking number has been updated through them, there isn't anything we can do as a company to track the status of your package other than what your tracking number indicates. As much as we wish we could hand-deliver every wallet, we can't and so we trust the USPS to get the job done for us. Please be patient and understanding of this fact. If for some reason the package is "RETURNED TO SENDER" we will receive the wallet at our headquarters and contact the customer upon return. The product will then be shipped again to the correct or updated address (as this is often the error that requires packages to be returned to our fulfillment center). Our company policy is that we cannot send out replacement product or refund for lost, missing or stolen packages until at least 15 days have passed since the original shipment date (for domestic orders). If you are receiving product internationally, we ask that you wait 30 days. Often times, the package shows up within this time period. So please be patient! Check with your local USPS office or postal service and mailman. Once 15 days (or 30 days for international orders) have passed, please contact our customer service team (contact@threadwallets.com) to request a new shipment be made.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at contact@threadwallets.com.

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