Our Story

When we first started dating in 2014, most of our conversations revolved around business ideas. We spent hours talking about how we both wanted to build a brand that people could relate to and a movement they felt proud to be a part of. Shortly after our first date, Colby began to notice a lack of “cool” wallets on the market. There didn't seem to be many that were fun or unique. So, we set out on a mission to bring life to an industry saturated with boring and bulky wallets. But beyond making a product, we wanted to create a lifestyle -- one that we could live by and one we could promote.


We were married in August 2014 and immediately moved out to Hawaii so Colby could finish school. Starting a marriage was really scary at moments because there were so many unknowns. How would we provide for ourselves? We could either pursue this wallet idea, have Colby pursue playing professional soccer or get jobs in the corporate world. Although there were so many questions and fears, we knew that we would regret not taking the chance to start a business at such a young age. So, we went for it. We worked our butts off and in within six months, we raised around 35K on Kickstarter, launched our website and focused on growing our social media. Starting a business together has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding things we have ever done. Some of the toughest moments in our marriage have come from making decisions together about our business. However, no matter how hard it gets, we wouldn't change a single thing.

Business is our creative outlet. We find so much fulfillment from working together. Since we met, we’ve spent and will continue to spend everyday building upon the idea we had in 2014. Through our product, we hope that people can simplify their lives and express their style. And through our story, we hope to inspire others to do what they are passionate about, no matter how hard it may seem and no matter how many people may tell them it won't work.
We’re stoked on the response we have seen and are happy that you've joined us on this crazy adventure! We know we couldn’t be where we are today without all the support we’ve received from friends, family, complete strangers and our awesome team.

-Colby and McKenzie Bauer




Our Founders

Colby and McKenzie Bauer founded Thread with the goal to create a brand that promotes living a fun, adventurous lifestyle. Our main goal is to overcome our fears and be an example of following your passions.

Let's be friends... with benefits