Threadhead: Zach Newton

Posted 2019 Jun by Colby Bauer / #people

Meet Threadhead, Zach Newton. Growing up the way people only dream on the island of Maui, we're pretty jealous. He's rad and totally chill. Read on to find out more about him! 
What's your thing?
The ocean, I love the way the sea can transform and be something so beautiful and peaceful, and at the same time can be the scariest face of mother nature. The ocean has raised me to be strong, resilient, patient and humble. 

Fill out the blank. I'd rather be ________.
I’d rather be catching waves and surfing. 

Zach surfing a wave
You could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what do you pick?
One meal for the rest of my life, I’ll probably have to go with fresh fish tacos. 

Do you have a big dream?
My dream is to eventually own my own adventure business where I am from on Maui and once that can run itself I want to own a home on the North Shore of Oahu and surf every day. Also, have a fishing boat so I can have fish tacos every night.
Zach surfing a wave
How often are you surfing? How'd you get into it?
If the waves are on and my responsibilities aren’t stacked up then I could surf 7 days a week easy. I don't surf that much if the waves aren’t good but I usually find something else to stay active. My parents are the main reason I surf. They both shred and if it wasn’t for them taking me to the beach so much when I was growing up, I definitely wouldn’t be the same person. 

How do you define 'originality'?
Originality is success. To be creative and progressive with inventions that impact everyone’s life daily is the key to success. Originality is what keeps us all moving forward to make life better.
Zach surfing a wave
What's your favorite place to surf? Any places you've been dreaming of?
My favorite wave to surf is on the NW side of Maui, Honolua Bay. But I have always wanted to go surf Nias in Indonesia, long big barreling right-hander. 

Anything else you want to add?
Born and raised in a small town in Maui. Grew up surfing, fishing, skating, diving, cliff jumping, hunting, growing a farm of fruit trees, and playing at the beach. I love my life, family, and friends and want to keep living for the stoke. 

zach surfing a wave

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