Threadhead Spotlight: Carter Wompey

Posted 2019 Jan by Lauren Turley / #people

Meet Threadhead Carter Wompey. Skater, surfer, and Thread enthusiast, Carter is living the life we could only dream of. We're so stoked to have him on our team. Read on to find out more about him! 
My name is Carter Wompey, aka barrelkookKiller, I live in FL and I'm grateful for the opportunity I have had to grow up here. I’m 18 years old, I live and breathe surfing/skating, but mostly surfing haha. I wasn’t actually born in FL, I was born in Utah in the Salt Lake Valley area and only lived there for about 2 years until my family and I moved to Pennsylvania for a little bit. Soon we left and came to FL when I was 4. Since then, I've craved surfing.
I surf and that’s my passion. When there are no waves I skate and I love doing that as well. When I’m unable to do either of those things, I go fishing. Fishing is really great and all, but it’s only really fun when you go offshore fishing on a boat, so I don’t fish too often. 
Honestly, I love surfing so much and my dream is to move to Hawaii or California and to have a job that will relate to surfing. I love creating and posting on social media as well, to make a living off of Instagram is another dream of mine as well. My goal is to be the best at surfing that I can become, and I work hard every day to get better. 

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