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    Threadhead: Nathan Ko

    Threadhead: Nathan Ko

    Alysha Edwards

    Nathan Ko: ultra rad skater who's gonna do big things. He's hella talented and we're so stoked to have him on our team. Keep reading to find out why we think he's so cool. 

    How would you define originality?

    If you're true to yourself with doing what you love, that's originality. Not trying to be anyone else.

    What's a day in the life like?

    Wake up at 10, eat something, go to work, get off work, skate, eat, and go to bed. 

    How'd you get into skating?

    Started when I was 10 because I saw people skate when I was a little kid and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I got a Walmart board for my first board and was messing with it with WD40 to make the bearings go faster. After a while, I finally got a real one and would just skate around the neighborhood. I've been going to the Vans skatepark since I was like 11.

    Favorite place to skate?

    The DC park in San Diego. It's a private park so it's always empty.

    Skating goals?

    I definitely wanna skate Europe and China. I just wanna travel and skate, that's the goal. 

    You have actual fans, how did that happen?

    Just through Instagram and just being at the skatepark and stuff. 

    What's the deal with Bevup?

    I was at skate camp back in 2011 and I always had a beverage and so we just started saying Bevup and now we made stickers and stuff and I just give it to kids at the skate park and stuff. 

    What's your anthem?

    Right now it's ASAP Forever by ASAP Rocky.

    Pet Peeves? 

    When I"m driving and someone is going super slow in the fast lane or if people don't use blinkers. 

    Any advice for beginning skaters?

    Skate every day and just get comfortable on your board and make sure you're having fun and not stressing. 

    Last words?

    Manifest what you want. Ever since before I started skating there were all these brands that I loved, and now I am sponsored by them and that's nuts. Say it and write down what you want and don't doubt yourself and you'll get there. 


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