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Posted 2019 May
C Colby Bauer

Threadhead Melissa Ord makes us want to pack up our bags and move to an island. Fitness guru, beach bum, and Nerd candy lover, she rocks the Hawaii life. Read on to find out more about her! 


What is your story?

I'm from Orlando Florida, my parents are both from Brazil so growing up we learned Portuguese but then my senior year I graduated from high school and I just wanted to get out. I lived in Utah for a few months and slept at my apartment like 11 times because I was always camping. I went to school in Idaho and met my husband my first day there. Even though it was cold we were always snowshoeing and hiking. Then I studied hard for a year, and then we decided to take a break and moved to Washington. After that, we decided to move to China for the ILP program and that was the best experience. We got to camp on the Great Wall and do all sorts of rad things and it made me fall in love with the culture. Because of this, we decided to transfer to school in Hawaii because we wanted that and more diversity. Now we're here and just surf and hike and it's been a blast. 

Melissa Ord On Beach

What's your thing?

Fitness and nutrition. I love the aspect of helping people learn how to handle their bodies and work towards being their best. It's definitely something I want to pursue. 

What's the big dream? 

The end goal would be I would love to have my own health and fitness practices in different places. I would also love to go into humanitarian nursing to travel and help others. I LOVE learning about cultures and there are just so many ways to help people who may not have the knowledge on how to help themselves. 


Great Wall of China

What are you listening to right now?

At the moment I've been listening to Katchafire, we love reggae. Also throwbacks like 99 Luftballoons. Lots of 80's. 

You get to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?

Hawaiian pizza, rice and beans ( I am a believer and protector of rice and beans), and then acai bowls. I could make them all day every day. We just buy a bunch on Amazon so I can literally make three a day and get my money's worth. 

Great Wall of China

Any last words?

Just slow down and decide if what you're doing is what you're passionate about. An occasional intervention is good. The changes I've made in life have come from those pauses. Stay hydrated. water is the best. Be consistent, with yourself and your goals. 

Melissa Climbing a Mountain
Melissa and Her Husband in Ocean

We're so stoked to have her on our team and hope you love her as much as we do!


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