Threadhead: Kailey Skelton

Posted 2019 Sep by Lauren Turley / #people

For today's spotlight, we have Threadhead Kailey Skelton. She's basically everything we wish we could be. She's the perfect example of "getting out there" and we love her for it. Read on to find out why we think she's so cool! 

Who are you & what's your thing?

My Name is Kailey Skelton, I am a 19-year-old surfer, skater, dirtbike racer, and professional Downhill mountain biker. I believe my thing is adrenaline and smiles, always. Action sports have always been my happy place, they give me the freedom to have fun, learn, progress and even get scared... I know that sounds a little weird but fear is what helps push and grow me to do bigger and better things that I didn't think I could do before. I think it’s important to live in a little fear so you can have goals to want to achieve, no matter how scary, you put the faith and trust in your skills to overcome the fear and achieve the goal. and that helps me push myself further each time.

How did you find your style of photography/surfing/riding?

Being myself as an original and using photography to learn to see things I do with a unique style and eye. It is important to know who you are and what makes you, you. Photography has definitely formed the style I pursue toward my surfing and riding. I go about it in a more so, creative way. This keeps things fresh, exciting, and original to myself.

Do you have any big dreams or goals (or small ones)?

My biggest dream or goal is being financially free by creating a life that I am passionate about and will forever enjoy living. Whether it be a career involving sports or simple life activities, I never want to fall short of the things that make me happy.

What's your process to get there?

I have small goals throughout my day and week that help me achieve my big goals. This helps me stay involved and not fall short of the big goals I set my eyes on.

Have you ever come close to drowning/any big crashes? If you have how did you get back on the board/bike?
Knock on wood right?? But getting into it yes, When I was younger and had just started shooting I swam out on a pretty hefty day when I got caught inside of a pretty big set. I was young so it may have seemed a little more intense than it may have been today but I got held under repeatedly and from what I can remember, was scared out of my brains due to losing almost all my breathe then getting stuck in a strong rip current afterward. It was a great learning experience for my younger self to know and understand the personal limits of the ocean. As much as the ocean scared me that day, I love it and have always known the ocean is much bigger and stronger than I am so I have built up a ton of respect towards it.
Aside from the drowning question, I’ve had my fair share of crashes on my bike and dirt bike. One in specific on the dirtbike that left me with a wrist broken in two places and dislocated. This has been my worst but has never changed my mindset toward riding. I know getting injured is the risk you take in this speed and adrenaline filled sports but it has never made me wanna do it any less.

Why do you surf/ride/take pictures?

All 3 have similarities and the two that stick out most is happiness and escape! Taking photos makes me happy, it's an escape where I can truly shoot like myself and I find honest reward and pleasure when I shoot a specific shot I’ve been envisioning or am even surprised with one I never thought of taking. Surfing is the same, it's my escape when things are stressful, my comfort zone, and I can always count on the ocean for overflowing me with happiness by getting rewarded with fun waves.

Riding, even in the highest speeds and risk I find comfort and escape because I know its the feeling I love.

It's special and I am passionate about my love for the sports I do because I know they're all something that can bank off each other and allow me to keep progressing in my own original way by taking bits and pieces of each and putting them into each other.

What are you most proud of so far?

I am most proud of being happy and passionate about what I do every day. I don’t have a big career job yet, so I can truly say I think I am living my best life at the moment.

Anything else you want to add?

Just be you, be present, and always remember to scare yourself a little. No one ever succeeded and moved forward by staying in their comfort zones!

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