Threadhead: Kailey Skelton

Threadhead: Kailey Skelton

Posted 2019 Apr
A Alysha Edwards

Kailey Skelton. Surfer, photographer, rider, and the badass we all aspire to be. Read on to find out why we think she's so cool. 

How do you define originality? 

"Being yourself and not caring what others think of who you are or what you are doing. Don’t be afraid to take risks and find inspiration from your surroundings. Often times originality to me comes from putting little pieces of views and experiences together to form a new vision.

Play by play of a day in the life: 

Wake up fairly early, do stretches in the morning, usually have an omelet, go for a pedal on my bike, then I usually check the waves and if it's good I go surf for a bit. Then I come home and do some school work. I usually like to take photos at sunset so if the sunset is looking like it's gonna be a good one, I'll grab my camera and head down to the beach and hang with my dog. I also do motocross three times a week so that's thrown in there as well. 


What's your thing?

Being in the ocean. Focusing on the ocean, surfing, photographing it how I see it. I've kind of based my whole life of the ocean because that's where I grew up and I always try to add it into my day somehow whether it's looking at it or being in it. 

What's your soapbox? 

I always just try to be super positive about everything and try to stay stoked about everything. Just always trying to be me and be happy in every way. 

Pet peeve?

Honestly, no. If people are stressing out when they shouldn't be stressing it maybe is, but other than that I just go with the flow.

Advice for beginners interested in photography/surfing/etc.

Just do you. Do what you think and what you see best. Try to get inspired by other people but avoid copying them. Be yourself and that's when you'll succeed. 

What personality trait has gotten me into the most trouble? 

I'm too laid back so I don't focus on things enough and I think everything will fall into place. I'm also kind of mischevious and spontaneous. 


When I was younger it used to be my life and surfing used to be on the side. I raced until I was 12 and then I got in a pretty bad crash where I almost broke my hip and it freaked my mom out. So that's what kind of brought me into the whole surf world and really get into it. Later all of my friends were riding and so I ended up buying another bike and then I broke my wrist on that haha. But now I'm on a new bike and I ride like 2-3 times a week and ride with this rad group of girls.

Extra comments/words to live by:

Life is meant to be lived having fun, push it to the edge and take risks, put that effort forward toward goals and never give up."


We're so stoked to have her on our team and can't wait to see all of the cool things she does! 

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