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Jeremy Carter surfer

Threadhead: Jeremy Carter

Posted 2019 Jul
L Lauren Turley

This week's Threadhead is one of the coolest. Jeremy is an amazing surfer and is pretty decent with a disposable camera. He's rad, always down to help a homie out, and has been a dream to work with. We love him and know you will too!


Who are you and what's your story?

Well, my name is Jeremy Carter. I love to surf and I live in San Clemente California. 

How often are you surfing? How'd you get into it?

I surf every day. I’m pretty sure it’s an addiction. My father taught me when I was young. 

Jeremy Carter surfer

What's your favorite place to surf? Any places you've been dreaming of?

I love surfing anywhere at home with my friends. That’s the best. Dreaming of? Getting a barrel would be nice. It doesn’t seem to do that much around here. 

Best post-surf meal?

Frick, that’s a tough one. A burrito from Pedro’s Tacos is amazing. Not too good for you tho haha!

Jeremy Carter surfer

You win an all-expenses-paid trip to surf Bali. Who are you taking with you?

My friend Jacob, he’s always good for a laugh. 

Favorite pro surfer?

Julian Wilson

Jeremy Carter surfer

How do you define 'originality'?

Originality to me is just being yourself. Whatever that might look like, even if it makes you seem weird. 

Anything else you want to add? 

Work smarter not harder!

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