Threadhead: Jensen Sharp

Posted 2019 Apr by Lauren Turley / #people

This week's Threadhead is Jensen Sharp @jensensharp. One of the most kind, talented, and genuinely good-hearted people we've had the pleasure of working with. We're SO happy he's part of our team. Read on to see just why we think he's so awesome.


How do you define originality?

"Doing what you love without regard to other's opinions or what other's thoughts will be about it. Just doin' you. 


Play by play of your day?

Wake up, make eggs with a bagel and cream cheese, but I'll take pretty much any calories I can get because we're balling on a budget and I gotta have the energy to ski. Then I shower, get on my ski gear, and take off to the mountain. Ski all day, take pictures, explore, etc. 


What's your thing and why do you love it?

Making other people smile or laugh just because life has so many curveballs and can be really tough so any chance I get to be a friend I try to come in clutch. I know it sounds so cliche but I think at the end of the day that's what matters. 


What's your soapbox? 

Be the change you wanna see in others. Be easy to others, like we're so hard on one another and ourselves like we just need a breather sometimes.

Do you have an anthem? 

Love by Kid Cudi, it's my favorite song of all time. Can't find it on Spotify or Apple Music, you can only find it on YouTube. 


What grinds your gears?

Ghosting. That hurts the heart a little bit. Or just rude people in general. 


What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

My curiosity. I'm literally Curious George. If there's a texture, I wanna touch it. If there's a place, I wanna go. It's a problem. 

You travel a lot and make a point to explore, what has been your favorite place to visit and shoot?

Hawaii because that's where my buddy lived and it's nothing but pure happiness. If it's a solo trip then Japan. Being able to document that and bring the story to life through photos in my own way is amazing." 

We're so stoked to have someone as cool as Jensen on our team! Make sure to give him some love on Instagram! 


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