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Posted 2019 Mar by Lauren Turley / #people

Jenna is the girl people only dream of being. Beautiful, down to earth, and rad as hell. We got to catch up with her this week and ask a few questions about what it's like being as cool as she is. 

Define originality: 

Following your heart. Taking inspiration from your surroundings. A lot of people seem to take the time to be original...don't worry about being too risky. People spend too much trying to look original instead of being original. 

Give us a play by play of a day in your life. 

Wake up, go to school, I just finished assistant so I've been at work or school all day for the past month. But if I'm not doing that then I'll surf or go on day trips, anything to get out of town for a second. 

What's your thing? 

My thing is that I do a lot of things. I think some people would say my thing is traveling, which is fine because it's my favorite thing to do. I just planned a spontaneous trip to Europe for me and my friends, and I'm stoked about that. 

What's your soapbox?

I'm super passionate about environmental issues and stuff like that. I kinda always have been I just LOVE the outdoors so much so I guess my soapbox is that nature is pretty important and we need to take care of it. 

What's your anthem? 

I would say The Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies and Santeria by Sublime, even though I know everyone loves that song. 

What personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble? 

My spontaneity and impulsiveness. It usually takes me good places, but sometimes it can get me in trouble. 

 What grinds your gears?

Close minded people. Things don't get on my nerves easily, but close-minded people do. I just want people to be more open-minded and accepting towards others. 

Do you have a mantra? 

Not really any mantras, but something I say a lot is "I'm down" and now people know that if they wanna do something that I'm in. 


Last question. You posted a super sick video on your Instagram where an airplane goes directly over your head. What was that about? 

There's this super rad spot on a parking garage that's like 40 yards from the runway and my friends and I had nothing else to do so we just went and watched airplanes for like an hour. It's way fun. 


Jenna is the coolest and we're so stoked to have her on our team. Make sure to follow her on Instagram at @jennambryant

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