Threadhead: Jack Soren

Threadhead: Jack Soren

Posted 2019 Apr
L Lauren Turley

This week's ambassador is one of our all-time favorites. Jack is an incredible artist that we've been working with for a while. He designed a wallet for us last summer when we released our Artist Collection (check out the article about him here) and we've been obsessed with his work ever since. We got to catch up with him and give him a proper ambassador interview. Read on to see what he's all about! 


Define originality: 

"Originality to me right now means that whatever you're producing or whatever you're creating isn't forced and comes naturally. I see a lot of people forcing themselves to be creative because they want to be part of it and it's a lot easier to get frustrated with the artwork. Let's say you have an interest in painting, and you genuinely want to paint because you're satisfied with the process, that's better than painting to be worried about what the outcome will be. Originality comes from naturally having the desire to progress in whatever craft rather than outside motives. 

What's your thing? 

My thing is painting, whether its canvas, a mural on a wall, or graffiti. I love it because it's a way for me to balance myself out with the rest of life and to have an outlet that's doing something positive that I'm passionate about


What's your soapbox? 

I'm beginning my transition from street graffiti to gallery art and so what that entails is putting myself out there in a new environment that's a lot more organized and you have to deal with a lot more clients. So for me, I put myself in a new league or a new ballpark to play and it opened up opportunities to meet a ton of new artists and to give yourself more experience. Don't be afraid to bat. 


What's your anthem?

Right now legit every time I "Old Town Road" I'm kind of ashamed but I'm not ashamed because it's so catchy. I laugh at that one but if I had to change it to something genuine, (leave that last answer off the record). MF Doom is like an old school hip hop artist that on any occasion he's always my go to. 


What personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?

I'm pretty cheeky. I'm pretty mischevious in different ways. Like with the graffiti, I've been arrested before with that. Even just in genearl I'll mess with people or get myself into stupid situations but it's always pretty minor

How does it work when you're doing graffiti or murals? Are you commissioned or are you running from the law?

At first, it was illegal painting that I would do all over the place. That was the rebellious side of art. Now I have new responsibilities so now there's a lot more business when it comes to it so now I'm commissioned and we'll go through the whole process of setting that up. Ones more organized the other is free and raw and illegal. 

Any last words? 

Some advice for people starting the craft. Don't be afraid to make a lot of bad art. Sometimes it takes 100 bad pieces until you get the good one. Too many people quit too soon. You just gotta get through it and then it will profess itself in time." 

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