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    Threadhead: Isabel Reynoso

    Threadhead: Isabel Reynoso

    Lauren Turley


    This week's spotlight is of our girl Isabel. She's talented, kind, and totally brilliant. We love her creativity and eye for style and we're so pumped that she's on our team. Read on to see what we talked about! 

    Definition of originality: 

    Staying true to your own style and ideas and interests in whatever you do in life. 

    A day in the life: 

    Waking up really early and going to school where I dance, and after that, I normally go home and go to work as a math tutor, after that, I'll either do homework or go to a different dance class. 

    What's your thing?

    My friends would tell you school, but for me probably dance or photography, or traveling, it's a mix. 

    Tell me about your fashion/style:

    I started thrifting when I was a sophomore in high school and I didn't have much money. I just liked how everything you find is better for the environment. I don't really considerable myself fashionable, I just kind of wear everything. I also don't ever worry about if I'm gonna pull something off or not, I just do it anyways. 

    The secret to thrifting?

    Have an open mind. Look through everything. 


    What's your soapbox? 

    I'm always talking about advocating for women's rights, protecting the environment, I'll normally go on rants about that kind of stuff.

    What's your anthem?

    Any song by the band Honey. I will jam to any of those.

    Do you have any pet peeves?

    I think my number one pet peeve is when other people think that they're better than others, in a sense of looking down on others. It happens a lot in the dance world. You should always encourage other people no matter what the situation is.

    Any advice?

    Stop caring about what other people are doing. I'm not the most outgoing person so I'm always watching people. Don't compare yourself, just do your best. 

    What personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?

    Just shyness. People don't think I would be based on my Instagram and dancing that I wouldn't be shy but I am. It's my hesitancy to stand up for myself and speak out that is a problem. If you're trying to fix it, start small and baby steps getting more comfortable with being more outgoing. 


    We hope you loved reading about Isabel and make sure to give her some love!! 

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