Threadhead: Colton Tisch

Posted 2019 Mar by Lauren Turley / #people

COLTON TISCH. Surfer, photographer, rad guy all around, Colton is everything we could ask for in a Threadhead.  We got to chat with him for a couple of minutes the other day to get an idea on what's going on in his life. Check out what we talked about!

 How do you define originality?

"Originality is taking small pieces of inspiration from everywhere. I don't think anyone is original, they take little bits from everyone and everything they see and mesh it together to create something that becomes original."

What's your thing?

"Creating, whether it's video or photo or consulting. But of course, I do love to surf. That has been my life since I was like 7. It's my way of getting away from business and avoiding being an adult." 

What's your soapbox?

"Society pushes one thing and everyone rides it to feel secure, but people don't do more of what they actually want to do and live for it." 

What's your anthem?

 "Elevator music with beats." (If anyone needs recommendations for elevator music with beats, he's your man.) 

What grinds your gears?

"Lack of consistency for any aspect of anything. And dust. Weirdest answer possible, but I can't fix it and it's just there everywhere on my gear, all of the time."

Words of Wisdom?

"Keep doing it, or just do it. Keep moving forward. I got that advice before and I try to preach it as much as I can." 

We saw that you did some work for an NFL Training Camp. What was that like?

"I work with a few guys that started a company called Underwater Torpedo League and we do a lot of athletic training. It's crazy good for you. When I first met them I didn't think they were gonna be as cool and humble as they were, they were so welcoming and so family-like. I don't follow football so literally didn't even know who they were, but then I snapchatted my buddies pictures of these guys and they were like 'DUDE DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS' and then I realized what level of fame I was around." 

We're so freakin' stoked to have him on our team! Make sure to follow him on the gram at @coltontisch and check out his work. #weavewithus 

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